Backwards update for transform data


I wonder what's the best practices , in case of a failed transform (for example if a new index was created with wrong mapping or any reason), of completing the missing data.

created a new transform at 23:00
which has the following group by: date histogram of 1 minute, and terms by server , and avg(load) aggregation

at 00 a new a new index was created with the wrong mapping: server should be a keyword, but its a text

the transform failed, and until it's fixed - 10am, data is missing from the dest index

what the recommended way of handling such a case? (can it be automated?)


Transform uses checkpoints, because the transform has failed check pointing does not proceed but is stopped at the time it failed. Once you re-start the transform it will continue from the checkpoint.

To restart the transform you first need to bring it into the stopped state by using

POST _transform/{id}/_stop?force=true

Afterwards you can start it again.

There is no way to automate, because transform treats this error as permanent problem which requires a user to fix it. This is different to the case that a temporary problem occurs, e.g. temporary outage of the node that holds the data. If such a failure happens, transform retries up to 10 times.

Thanks a lot. Can I also ask what's the best option for transform fail alert?

This is a good question. The best option right now is afaik using watcher and the http input.

I suggest to configure it against the _transform/{transform_id}/_stats endpoint and check that status != failed.

(Note its called http input but it can speak https)

I will follow up with the team if we can provide a better solution in future, e.g. a transform wide state. Feel free to open a gh issue as enhancement request if you have a concrete idea how it should look like.

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