Bad Outputs moving from RabbitMQ to Rackspace Queueing

After running into some frustrations with RabbitMQ's stability, I am attempting to move to Rackspace's Queuing plugin.

I have 2 servers, one which populates the queue, one which pulls from the queue.

I have replaced the rules in my logstash instances with the equivalent in the rackspace plugin. However, now when my consumer server gets the messages, they have a bunch of backslashes and no longer are parsed cleanly into tags. I can see they're correct on the producer side.
In example:
"message" => "2015-06-14 21:48:38 PUT /www/ - 443 \r",
"@version" => "1",
"@timestamp" => "2015-06-15T20:43:40.021Z",
"host" => "",
"type" => "iis"

becomes this on the consumer side:
"message" => "{"@version"=>"1", "host"=>"", "type"=>"iis", "message"=>"2015-06-14 21:48:38 PUT /www/ - 443 r", "@timestamp"=>"2015-06-16T12:23:16.764Z"}",
"@version" => "1",
"@timestamp" => "2015-06-16T12:29:28.722Z",

It looks like it takes the message and then adds the timestamp it pulled it from the queue on, and does nothing with the message.

I have tried using "plain" or "json" for the codec with no luck. Not sure what else to try to get it to parse properly, or remove the backslashes.

Based on testing. I realized that it does not actually encode into JSON before being sent.. I manually changed line:

  @rackspace_queue.messages.create :body => event, :ttl => @ttl

@rackspace_queue.messages.create :body => event.to_json, :ttl => @ttl

in the plugin.

since I was having trouble getting the @codec.encode(event) to work and my ruby isn't that good.

Nice find!