Banzai Cloud Fluentd filter is not working

Hi all,

I'm trying to remove some field on Fluentd by using plugin record_transformer but it does not works.

I'm trying to delete 2 fields: "_id" & "_index". Below is my configuration file:

kind: ClusterFlow
  name: cluster-flows
  - dedot:
      de_dot_nested: true
      de_dot_separator: '-'
  - record_transformer:
      remove_keys: $["_index"],$["_id"]
  - cluster-outputs

The log was pushed to Elasticsearch but I still see 2 above fileds as below:

  "_index": “bi-2022-09-29",
  "_id": "hhXBiIMBuHSGkxNA",
  "_version": 1,
  "_score": 0,

Please help me to fix the issue.

This seems to be related to fluentd configuration, which is not supported here. I would recommend you reach out to the fluentd. community about this.

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