Bar chart comparison of count for today and yesterday


I have 3 different regions namely US,APAC and EMEA based licennse. Now I have index with below field:

us.region.license.inuse, apac.region.license.inuse and emea.region.license.inuse and now I want to make bar chart showing sum of inuse count of today and yesterday only for comparison in single bar visual for diffrent regions. How can I do this visual?


What version of Elastic / Kibana

Absolutely can use comparison, difference, shift etc with Lens

Hello @stephenb

I am using 8.8 version and unable to understand proper way to make visual. I am aware of shift='1d",but still in single graph how can I compare today and yesterday count for different license zones?

Is your problem related to time zones of the different areas?

Nope, its not related to timezone.
Consider different products for different zones being sold and has been asked to make comparison graph showing sum of product.inuse for today and yesterday for 3 different zone in single graph as bar.This is just an example to explain.
My very first comment is my requirement, there I have mentioned available fields as well.

My document contains fields as-:, us.region.license.inuse: 13, us.region.license.inuse: 12, emea.region.license.inuse: 11, emea.region.license.inuse: 8

I've tried to put together an example with the Flights sample data. Is it something like that:

Mind that if you are going to go for this route I can suggest to use Filters rather than Top values, as it is possible to face scenarios where for region X there's no today/yesterday value (what is Top 10 today might not be the same for yesterday. With Filters it enforces specific values to appear).

Hello @Marco_Liberati ,

Thanx for looking into this. This is helpful. I just want to know how you are managing the dates to be shown in horizontal axis for today and yesterday. I would like to do comparison of todays date count with yesterday date count.

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