Base Pattern & optional patterns parsing with logstash

Dear Forum,

i have a problem with parsing grok filter. This is working from command line with a ruby test script like it should:

pattern = "%{PFLTR},?%{PORTS}?,?%{ICMP}?"

It parses the lines and gets the stuff from "%{PFLTR}" (Lets call it base string) and optionally gets the stuff from "?%{PORTS}?,?%{ICMP}?" (lets call it optional string)....All Fields are filled either with values or with empty values.

In the grok file i use in logstash, with the same line, it never respects "?%{PORTS}?,?%{ICMP}?". It only gets the stuff from "%{PFLTR}" and the other fields are just empty.

I would provide more info if necessary. Hope that somebody could give me a hint. Thanks in advance,


I found the solution by myself. It may help someone....


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