Bash: make: command not found while trying to run make create-metricset

I am trying to create a new metricset inside the metricbeat folder and I am getting error while trying to run the command "make create-metricset".
bash: make: command not found

I have few proxy issues on the linux server in which I am trying to create the metricset, so instead of running the command "go get" to download the source code, I have downloaded the source code from github on a windows server and copied the code to linux server. Will there be any issue if I am doing this way.
Earlier there was no proxy issues on the linux server so I was just running the command "go get" and when I run make create-metricset it was working. But now due to proxy issues I am trying the other way and ended up with this issue.
Can someone help on this?
I have downloaded the beats of version 7.6
I have all the pre-requisite like python, virtualenv and mage on my server and I have set the gopath also.

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