Basic API Help with http output plugin

Hi all,

I am completely new to Logstash, so please forgive my simple question. I am having a little trouble understanding how to use the http output plugin to send some apache logs to a SaaS cloud based log aggregation tool using a basic API key that the tool provides.

I went through the http output plugin documentation but it only references certs and keystores. All I have is an API key string (and URL) for the log aggregator.

Can anyone point me in the right direction or give me some documentation on the config file format I need to use to leverage an API key? I looked through these forums but couldnt find any good examples.


How does the aggregator want you pass the key to it? If it wants it in the query string include it in the URL. If it wants a header set a header. What does it want?

It looks like it wants it as a header. I guess that means I need:

headers => ["Authorization", "Basic "]

in the http output -> http section of my config file?

That's plausible.

Looks like I had to go to the actual log aggregators documentation to get what the header needed to be: Authorization:Bearer key

I assumed there was some standard header to authenticate using an API key that I was missing. (Shows how green I am at this.)

Im all set now. Thank you.

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