Oauth 2.0 support in Logstash http output plugin

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I have a scenario where I want to publish the log events to the rest API using logstash http output plugin. My rest API has Oauth 2.0 authorization enabled. I have placed the access token in header section of http output plugin but I am getting 401 from the API server. I have tested the same token with SOAPUI and it works fine. Below are my logstash out configs. Any help or idea will be a great favour.

output {

if [type] == "error" {  

    if "loglevelerror" in [tags] {


        #                 Sending Messages to EventAPI


        http {

            url => "http://serverip:8281/events"

            headers => {

                "Authorization" => "Bearer c505e8f7-ecb3-346f-8216-f906965edc17"

                "RequestSource" => "agent"

                "Accept" => "application/json"


    connect_timeout => 60

    socket_timeout => 60

            http_method => "post"

            format => "json"

            mapping => [my mappings]





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