Basic question about system requirements

I am looking at elastic search for about a dozen back office Rails apps for a small manufacturing company. Most of the apps have relatively small databases (i.e. less than 10k records)

I installed elastic search on my development laptop and noticed that Java was using 1.7 GB of the 8Gb on the machine. Our environment is as follows

  • Running rails on an IIS Virtual machine with 2 2.5 Ghz processors and 6GB of memory.

  • Without running elastic search on the server, I am using 2.5 GB/6Gb. Also, note that we only have half of the dozen apps running at this point so I expect the non elastic search usage to rise a bit.

  • The web server will only be running about a dozen rails internal rails apps. Max database would be about 10k records. Average DB would be less than 5k records.

  • No other real usage on that IIS server.

  • We can reconfigure the settings on the virtual IIS server to increase memory/processing.

  • Most apps would have 1-3 concurrent users and would probably not be used all day. IOW, they are low usage but high criticality apps.


  1. Would it be practical to run Elastic search on this IIS server?

  2. If I can run elastic search on the IIS server, what is the lowest that I can set the Java memory usage to?

I know this is an overly basic question but I'd appreciate any insight or guidance.



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