Basic Setup failures joining an existing cluster

Hi there,
I have been beating my head against a tree trying to get nodes added to my new ES cluster.
I'm trying to build a 6 node ES cluster. I got the first node working and I'm trying to add the second node. I can generate the token just fine.
The problem I'm having now is I keep getting a autoconfig dir ownership mismatch.
ES is installed from my user and it creates an elasticsearch user account that has no login allowed.
However, the /etc/elasticsearch, /elastic(my data mount) folder are all owned by root, so I get the following error when trying to join the cluster from the /usr/share/elasticsearch folder:

[brood@ares2 elasticsearch]$ bin/elasticsearch --enrollment-token

ERROR: Aborting auto configuration because of config dir ownership mismatch. Config dir is owned by root but auto-configuration directory would be owned by brood, with exit code 78

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