Beat for oracle database

(Daniel DNP) #1

I don't want to span the issue "1935" on github ( therefor I opened this topic.

@andrewkroh and @ruflin recommended me to write a module for metricbeat.

In the developer guide I read:

As a developer, you can use Metricbeat in two different ways:

  • Extend Metricbeat directly
  • Create your own Beat and use Metricbeat as a library

I tried to "Extend Metricbeat directly" but I have no clue how to test or execute my code since there is no main function anywhere (see

Should I better start with "Create your own Beat and use Metricbeat as a library"?

Thanks a lot!

(Andrew Kroh) #2

Here's the guide:

You already have the module, so you just need to change up the directory structure and generate the main.

(Daniel DNP) #3

Thank you @andrewkroh I finally understood what you were talking about :slight_smile:

(system) #4

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