Creating beats from Metricbeat - inherit modules?

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When one creates Metricbeat-based beats, as described here:
it would create an empty Metricbeat with no modules, and then attempts to create first module/metricset at the end of make setup step (Actually when I do it somehow fails the first time, then succeeds on the second make setup).

Is there a way to backport / inherit/borrow some of the original Metricbeat modules into the new beat, without manually creating each metricset by hand? For example, modules like golang and system are very generic and immediately useful in any new Metricbeat-based beat. Does the build systems allow for this? If not, what is necessary to be copied over manually to borrow a module/metricsets from Metricbeat tree?

Thank you very much in advance!

Grigory Shamov, University of Manitoba

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