Custom beat module ready, how to install?

I got myself through some hiccups, but I finally got the 'make package' working. Now a few questions

  • I can build with or without snapshot. Not sure what the difference is
  • I can install my custom package sudo dpkg -i udpproto-6.3.3-SNAPSHOT-amd64.deb but that installs it under \etc\udpproto. Does every module need a new folder? Is it possible I can deploy this to the installed metricbeat\modules.d folder?
  • I also noticed it has it's own service. But ideally I just want to use the metricbeat service.
  • I could not find much documentation on how to install a custom module and what are the best practices. I keep on getting back to the standard shipped modules that comes with metricbeat.

I'm sure these are just a lot of newbie questions for a first time module creator. The code generation and examples got me pretty far. Just have to get over that last part on deploying and installation...

Hi @sentient,

How did you create your beat module? If you did it with the instructions to create a new beat, then actually you have created a new complete beat. Even if it is based in the same code as other beats, it will have its own files and configuration paths, and it will be run as a separated service.

If you created it based on metricbeat, then it should be easy to move the module files to metricbeat. For that you can also follow the instructions to create a new metricbeat module and migrate the code you already have. If you do that you can run your module as part of metricbeat.

If you create a new module or metricset we'd be happy to review and include it in upstream metricbeat :slight_smile:

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