Beat support for Message Queue output

(Nir Dothan) #1

Documentation shows that Redis output is deprecated, and I didn't see Kafka at all. Is there an architectural reason why I would not want to use a message queue between Beat and the Logstash indexer? Are there any plans to support message queues in the future?

(Mark Walkom) #2

We still recommend the use of a broker, at least until the next major release of Logstash that will contain one.

I'll let the Beats team comment more :slight_smile:

(James Connor) #3

I would be very interested in either ActiveMQ or EventStore protocol support for packetbeat. I guess this comes under this topic.

(ruflin) #4

Best is to have a look at the discussion here:

(ruflin) #5

@megakid If you refer to packetbeat supporting to read these protocols, I think this goes into an other topic. Here is a list of requested new protocols:

(system) #6