Beats send logs to redis

I want only to use multipline and ship logs to redis.

What version of beats have redis output? I read about this and the last version does't output to redis.

All the 1.x Beats versions have support for Redis output, so you can use it. Please let us know if you encounter any problems.

ok, thanks

can you give me the configarations for redis in filebeat..
what are the configarations we have to do in redis also.
please help me to do this .

see manual

Please notice that Filebeat is just a log forwarder and it exports the log lines as they are without parsing them, so you need to use either Logstash or the Ingest node plugin of Elasticsearch 5.0.0-alpha1 to parse the log lines.

Please have a look at the docs for more details about how to configure the redis output.

I was confused Redis Output is deprecated or not. i was getting thr error while running the filebeat.yml
"WARN Redis Output is deprecated. Please use the Redis Output Plugin from Logstash instead."

What version of Filebeat are you using? In 1.2.0 Redis was un-deprecated, but the warning was still there. We fixed that in 1.2.1 version.

i am using 1.1.0.thx for the information