Filebeat Redis

I'm using filebeat 5.0.2 with output to 2 redis (3.2.5) standalones and logstash (2.3.1) which pulls data from both redis servers.

We were trying to check unexpected cases in our setup, for example - if redis crashes (one of them). Our results are showing that when 1st redis crashes, the 2nd one doesn't receive any keys at all, even if the problematic redis returns back. The whole pipeline crashes.

Is there any solution for such case?

Roman Roberman

can you share config files and logs?

Thanks for responding, i have managed to solve it by downgrading my filebeat version to 5.0.1 and downgrade my redis servers to 3.2.0.

everything is working perfect now.
You can close the topic.

This is weird. There has been no changes in redis output between filebeat 5.0.1 and 5.0.2. Not sure about redis, though.

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