Filebeat + Redis multi-hosts

Hi, i currently using filebeat to communicate with Logstash directly, but my beat input in Logstash crash when the number of host is too important.

I try an other solution to add new hosts logs in my cluster, with the redis output of Filebeat (depreciated i know but my cluster crash because of the beats input so i don't have the choice).

In the redis output part of filebeat conf file the field host is not an array. How can we specify multiple host to join like with the Logstash output of Filebeat conf file ? Because when i try host: ["...","..."], this make me an error...

redis output has been completely re-implemented in 5.x release (currently alpha4). The beta1 should become (hopefully) in the next weeks. The redis implementation in filebeat 1.x is still deprecated and not recommended to use.

The reimplementation fixes some issues regarding data loss in filebeat (fix resends failed/dropped events adding support for required guaranteed-once-semantics). Also adds features like:

  • load balancing to multiple hosts (+ optionally multiple workers per host)
  • Socks5 proxy support
  • SSL support, in case redis is hidden behind ssl endpoint (e.g. stunnel). (Note: ssl settings changed slightly in beta1)
  • (beta1) dynamic redis key selection based event content (you can create multiple redis based queues)
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