Beat : vsphere module

Is it possible to retrieve Tag Field like Custom field ?
These "custom" field seems be in end of life at vmware.

Why not retrieve the distributed network port group ?

Could you share a bit more details with links or example docs on the fields you are talking about? I assume you run our current vsphere module and didn't get the fields you needed?


In my use case, i want use two type of informations from vcenter :

First : The network name is a distributed port group

Second : We use Tags on virtualmachine.

In the API Explorer :

To recap: You are already using our vsphere module with the metricsets but are missing these fields?

  • For the tags: I tried to search the library we use for tags but couldn't find something inside virtual machines for it: Do you have an API link for tags by chance?
  • For the port group: Does this belong to the virtualmachine or host metricset?

I use /apiexplorer/cis

For the port group, it s for virtualmachine


Maybe an another information :


That is exactly the link I was looking for. So it seems govmomi does not support it yet but wants to add it? Can you open a feature request in Metricbeat as soon as the library has support for it? This should make the implementation pretty simple.

but now, we can call in rest to know the tags without new version of govmomi.

is it possible ?

We probably could. The challenge is that our implementation is currently based on the library and we get all the data through it. To get tags through rest it would mean getting everything through rest and changing the implementation.

Now that I see there is a REST API I wonder what the advantage of one over the other is and it seems there are even differences. Do you know some more details here?


Ok for the reflexion.

I have open a ticket on vmware about library and tags.

Thank you, could you link it here for other people stumbling over this?

Maybe, you can take a look on


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