Beats HTTP Endpoint

Where can I get more information on the HTTP Endpoint feature of Beats? Specifically, I want to know what API requests it supports.

I'm hoping to query it for a couple of data points - which cluster it's connected to, and the rate of data transfer.

This is currently experimental. As the docs say:

Each beat can expose internal metrics through a HTTP endpoint. For security reasons the endpoint is disabled by default. This feature is currently experimental. Stats can be access through
ttp://localhost:5066/stats . For pretty JSON output append ?pretty to the URL.

Thanks @Andrew_Cholakian1! My bad I missed the "/stats" in the document. That should suffice for now.

By the way, what is the typical cycle for an experimental feature to become mainstream or abandoned?

Unfortunately there's no typical process. The general thinking is that experimental features may be removed or changed at any time, and that if its use proves popular, it will be moved to to GA.

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