Unable to access filebeat stats over HTTP

Hi I am trying to access http://localhost:5066/stats URL to see statistics of filebeat events but it is not reachable. I am using windows machine.

This is my configuration in filebeat.yml file :

================================ HTTP Endpoint ======================================
Each beat can expose internal metrics through a HTTP endpoint. For security
reasons the endpoint is disabled by default. This feature is currently experimental.
Stats can be access through http://localhost:5066/stats . For pretty JSON output
append ?pretty to the URL.

Defines if the HTTP endpoint is enabled.

http.enabled: true

The HTTP endpoint will bind to this hostname or IP address. It is recommended to use only localhost.

http.host: localhost

Port on which the HTTP endpoint will bind. Default is 5066.

http.port: 5066

And i am running filebeat through following command :

bin> filebeat.exe -c customLogs.yml -e -d "*"

It has worked by running

bin> filebeat.exe -c filebeat.yml -e -d "*"

or we need to add same http configuration inside customLogs.yml file and then run :

bin> filebeat.exe -c customLogs.yml -e -d "*"

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