Monitoring filebeat with metricbeat

I'm trying to setup metricbeat to monitor filebeat stats. But when I tried the beats module for doing so in my metricbeat config, I'm getting this error:

error message from metricbeat logs:

Error fetching data for metricset beat.stats: error making http request: Get http://filebeat_ip:5044/stats: dial tcp filebeat_ip:5044: connect: connection refused

metricbeat.yml file

  - module: beat
      - stats
      - state
    period: 10s
    hosts: ["filebeat_ip:5044"]

where filebeat_ip is the ip where my filebeat is running, which's the same machine as my metricbeat.

Can someone please help me figure out as to why I'm getting this error?

hey @prr
welcome to elastic discuss.

have you tried enabling http monitoring on filebeat side following this article ?

also can you verify that filebeat IP address is reachable from metric beat? no firewall dropping connection etc. Connection refused usually means nothing is listening on specified port.

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