Beats input: the pipe line is blocked || failed to create shard


I'm using logstash 2.1, ES 1.7, and filebeat.
Here is my config file:
input { beats { port => 5044 } } filter { csv { separator => "," columns => ["Name", "id"] } } output { elasticsearch { index => "filebeat-input" hosts => ["ip:9200"] } }

And the error I get in logstash while it's running is:
"Beats input: the pipeline in blocked, temporary refusing connection. {:reconnect_backoff_sleep=>0.5, :level=>warn}"

It is entering the data, but very slow. What's the problem?


I figured out the problem was with my ES server, so maybe the tag should be changed.
I looked on the logs and the only error I see is: failed to create shard...
This stuck my ES and not indexing any data...