Benchmark API endpoint

Just wondering what the status of the _bench API endpoint? it seems totally missing from official documentation, but lof of books/blog is refering it.

Do you mean the REST _bench action of this community plugin ?

It was written for Elasticsearch 1.3.1 and is quite old now.

I don't know, was reading this book:"_bench"&source=bl&ots=Vi_0zU3dCs&sig=5bRih_au0f7fc9wCymJRc_uj0T4&hl=fr&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjPqYSjue3KAhWDXRQKHSTjD58Q6AEIKzAB#v=onepage&q=elasticsearch%20"_bench"&f=false

And found a reference to "_bench" endpoint.

Oh! The benchmark API was an experimental feature, it was so experimental I didn't ever notice.

It was moved to a feature branch in March 2015 that means, it is no longer included in Elasticsearch 2.x

D'oh ;-(

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