Benefit of increase number of data node in searching performance?

Hi all
Currently in my cluster, i have 3 data node in total, the query performance is fine but i really wanted it to be better, so other than doing all the thing that some blog say i should on the internet, i was just wondering if i increase the number of data node, will the searching performance be better since it has more cpu and ram.

Thank you for your time

How large is your data set? Are you looking to improve latency and/or query throughput? What is the specification of the hardware currently used?

I am looking to increase the search latency
my hardware are well 64GB ram and 32 cpu core with ssd for disk

How large are your indices? How many shards do you have?

well most of them are about 300GB and some are more, i config them to have 3 or 6 shards for each indices and all of them has 1 replica shards

So are there any answer for my questions? please help

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