Best approach to 50+ input sources


I'd appreciate your thoughts on how to approcah the following use case:

  • I have to configure a Logstash pipeline to index a table in SQL Server
  • The thing is, although the table structure is the same for every client, the databases are not: each client has its own database in SQL Server
  • The JDBC input plugin requires a connection string, username and password to make the connection, those would be unique for every instance (client)
  • The statement would be the same for all of them

So, how would be the best approach to this? Will Logstash scalate well?

Two approaches I can think of are:

  1. 50 different pipelines in /etc/logstash/pipelines.yml, 50 different pipeline configs, trying the most to get values from env variables (maybe only the connection credentials would differ)
  2. 1 pipeline in /etc/logstash/pipelines.yml, but 50 inputs in the pipeline config

Do you have any other suggestion?

Thank you very much

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