Best approach to combine two different ES instances in one instance

I have two instances running from two different drives. I would like to combine both.

I have two approaches.

  1. Shutdown second node and use the data path of the second node in the first node as a multi-data path option
  2. connect both the nodes in one cluster then move the data index by index to the first node and then kill the second node once done.

Please share your thoughts.

Version: 6.5.4
data size: 2 TB

The correct way to do this is to create a snapshot of the data in the second cluster/node using the snapshot API and then use the restore API to import it into the first node/cluster.

This will not work and could lead to you losing all the data. Do not try this.

You are running a very old version which is less resilient than more recent versions, so this MIGHT work. It could however fail as this is not something you are supposed to do nor supported, so could lead you to lose the data as well.

In summary I would recommend you going down the snapshot route.

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