Best configuration for 3 Node Cluster

HI There,

Currently we having 3 ES nodes(node-1, node-2 and node-3 each of 3TB) , we are creating indexex on daily basic.
When we run the command we note that we have 3 PRI & 3 Replicas, is this the best configuration?
We are noticing that the disc is getting filled very quickly, can you please suggest some ideas to fix this issue??

Thanks in advance


I would say it's OK configuration. You can use 2 data +1 master node, however I would set the same as you.
For disk space use ILM to define a retention period. Check another topic about ILM.

You have too many replicas for the number of nodes you currently have, you could change it to have just 1 replica and it is enough.

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Hi Leandro, thanks for the reply
Could you suggest some help how to reduce the replicas??


Good point leandrojmp, I haven't noticed that. Usually is 1 enough to lose a node. 2 replica for 2 nodes.

You need to edit the template of your indices, the number of primary and replicas shards are managed by the template.

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