Best ES Configuration for my case

I am attempting to setup an ES Cluster that will store information from Filebeats (log files) and Metricbeats. I wanted to have an Ingest Node, Master Node(s) and Data Node(s). Eventually I would like to add more resources but for right now I have these available resources:

  1. 4 CPUs, 32G RAM, 40G Storage
  2. 4 CPUs, 24G RAM, 250G Storage
  3. 8 CPUs, 64G RAM, 1000G Storage

I can use any number of these in this cluster. Should I have 1 as an ingest and master, 1 as a data and master and 1 as a dedicated master? Or should I just use the biggest server to be ingest/master/date?

I am just looking for opinions based on your experiences with respect to performance and setting up a cluster to grow in the future.

in your case I will just do all three system as master/data
run ingest (logstash or something) on node 3 which has more cpu/memory and storage.

elasticsearch will automatically move around your indice depending on storage you have

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