Best method for daily ingest of data?


I'm setting up a Elasticsearch & Kibana instance aimed for analysing trends over time. Every day we collect from a few new sources, then ingest updated data for the established sources. The issue is that, at the moment, the daily ingest is overwriting the original data - when instead we would like the original data to remain so that we can analyse trends e.g. number of hits per day, changes in metadata, etc.

I feel like I am missing a basic technique in using Elasticsearch - would it be possible to index data with a shared identifier between ingests without deleting previous data?

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

Elasticsearch supports date math in indices' names, so you can create daily indices, check out:

Alternatively, you can set up the rollover API -

This will allow you to set up an alias for reading from, and an alias for writing to, and then periodically hit the API so that a new index will be created (so you don't overwrite yesterday's data with today's, for instance)

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