Best practice for multilang website with multiple database tables

Hi there,
I am new to the new elasticsearch version. My first try with elasticsearch was with version 2.x. Now I want to have a search for my multilang website with many tables I want to index. My idea was to create an index per language and add a type for each record type in my database. With version 6, it is saying, that this is not the best practice. Now my question is, what is the best practice?

The search should work like this:
I am on the page and search something, I only want results in my language from all "tables".

The new idea was that I create as many indexes as I have records and languages, but I thinkt thats overkill.
For example user_en, user_de, product_en, product_de and so on.

Maybe some of you can give me an good advice how to handle things like this.

Best regard

Did you see

It contains important informations about this.
That might help.

Thanks for the hint, I've not seen that. I will come back here, if any questions are left.

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