Best practice for setting index names when using filebeats to logstash

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i a monitoring a log directory with filebeats, this directory has severl log files, how can i send a specific log file to a specific index in elasticsearch when going through logstash?
fileBeats settings:
- type: log
enabled: true
- C:\DCAlogs\dca.process-*.log
hosts: ["localhost:5044"]

example of log file names

in my current flow, they will all go to the same index.
i'm a noob to the elk world, but i think best practice would be to save each in its own index,
how can i do that


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In logstash you can configure the index name to be dynamic, based on the events contents. See Set up Logstash docs. The @metadata fields is published by filebeat with the event. It contains the beat name, a type field and the beat version. But you are free to use any field you want to.

In LS you can filter on tags or fields. E.g. the source field contains the filename. But you can also setup different prospectors per file-type and add tags or extra fields in order to configure the index name to be used by LS.

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i dont know how to access the source filed, i've tried:
mutate {
add_field => { "filename" => [source] }
add_field => {[fields][source]}
add_field => {"%{[fields][source]}"}

nothing seems to work

can you please provide an example.
creating a index with a filename reference, or even better, adding file name as a new field,

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