How to put each file name as index name to store Elasticsearch via Filebeat


How can I put each filename as index name to store elasticsearch via filebeat?

i am using Filebeat to send log files to elasticsearch via logstash conf. i am using wildcard(*) to get all of the files in directories.

Now it works like all of my logs stored one index in Elasticsearch and i don't want this. I need separately indexing for each log file.

Filebeat harvester is processing all of my files in the directories but I need the filename of my logs separately to index_name to store elasticsearch via logstash conf file. I can't put each processed log file name to conf file output.elasticsearch.index_name.

I think this should be possible because i have seen the exact path for each file(and of course file_name) both logstash logs([log.file.path]) and filebeat logs(called source_file). When i put that index name in the format of %{[ ]}, it doesn't give me dynamic value, just storing what i wrote for index name...

I have already tried these difference approaches:
index => "%{[@metadata][log.file.path]}-%{[log.file.path]}-%{[source_file]}"

wildcard path

logstash conf file:

Thanks in advance!

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