Best practices for indexing documents

Hi all,
I’m trying to get info about best practices to define indices, mainly in microservices environment.
The question is, inside each our microservices we have many “schemas”, so in order to use in a right way sharding, we define indices using a strategy.. but the right question is.. Can I define unlimited indices inside a cluster as I want ? Or maybe is it convenient to use less indices as possible ?
Considering that in the most of cases, these documents to persist will be always more a more.. now I’ve estimated almost one tera of documents (in a single indice)..
Is it convenient to have enormous indices or split into small ones ?

Thanks in advance

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Shards use resources, having unlimited resources means unlimited shards, which is far from efficient.

Split them. What sort of data is this?

Have a look at this section of the docs and this blog post for guidance.

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