Best Practices - Typical Exceptions in BulkProcessor

(Barrett Strausser) #1

I'm looking for guidance on the top 3 or top 5 exceptions I might see in the BulkProcessors/Listener. What the names are what they might mean in terms of cluster health.

I'm new to development with the Java Client and so am not sure what to expect in production.

it seems like NodeNodeConnectedExceptions might be common?

I see that the BulkProcessor in 2.0 will handle throttling based on compute resources. Will this kick in before the Listeners afterBulk is called?

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(Simon Willnauer) #2

I am not sure I can give you much guidance here but from an operational perspective all subclasses of ConnectTransportExceptionare related to node to node connections or client to node connections. These should be resolved on the user end. There can still be critical exception that are related to document indexing etc. that can be a wide range of exceptions that should not be ignored in any way.

hope that helps

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