Best proxy for Elasticsearch rate limiting


Is there rate limiting feature for elasticsearch basic license? Not the cloud version
If not, what is the best way to perform rate limiting on users' query?

My elasticsearch cluster have TLS authentication setup and currently i am explorning nginx to work on the rate limiting.

Not sure if nginx is a best proxy server and suitable use case.

For my use case, ideally, i will want nginx to capture which elasticsearch user is querying and route to the correct "limiting zone".
userA can have 5 concurrent request per sec and limit 50mb download per second
userB can have 1 concurrent request per sec and limit 5mb download per second

Any help is appreciated on this

There is as far as I know nothing build into Elasticsearch that will allow you to do that. Am not sure this is the best forum for discussing capabilities of nginx or other proxies.

To echo Christian's comments, there's currently nothing native to Elasticsearch that does this. Anything you'd implement would be external to the stack, so would be DIY.

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