Best way to build DidYouMean feature

Hi, i've an search service based on elasticsearch.

I need to build the DidYouMean feature based on a filter and a simple requirement:

  • match against two array filter
  • correct the word for produce secure result (the word innested in a query must produce one or more result)
  • suggest from multiple fields

I've seen two way:
1 - Use phrase autocomplete with match_against feature (on standard tokenized fields)
2 - Use search with fuzzy (on standard tokenized fields)

With the first solution, I must make multiple autocomplete request in the second one (autocomplete doesn't permit multiple fields in request)
With the first solution, I need to make applicative logic to check the result.

What is the best way to perform this search? (performance & CPU load in elasticsearch)
Is correct to use the standard tokenized field for suggestion?

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