Best way to get exact matches in query string searches, while also using a stemmer


In my current setup, I use a stemmer to analyze a field called summary. The
user is able to search over the summary field using full lucene syntax,
which we pass directly to elasticsearch through a query_string query,
inside a filter. We always sort results based on their date field, so we
use a constant score.

Unfortunately, our use of the stemmer has problems when users search for
phrases in quotations. For instance, a search for "Crowd Valley" returns
hits for the phrase "crowded valley". Ideally, I'd like to be able to
ignore the stemmer for the portion of a query in a quoted phrase, but use
the stemmer for all parts of the query outside of quotes.

Is such a thing in possible for ElasticSearch? If not, does anyone have any
best practices for getting close to this behavior as possible?

Our current best idea is to use a multi_field with two analyzers - one with
a stemmer, one without a stemmer. This would allow us to search either one
or the other, depending on if the user has a quotation mark present in
their query. However this would not be ideal for mixed queries such as:
"Crowd Valley" or running clubs [because the running clubs part would not
be stemmed]

Many thanks,
Tom Weingarten
CTO & Co-founder, Wiser

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