Best way to ingest data from windows c++ app


I must create a Kibana dashboard to analyze a windows c++ application usage : screen viewed, actions, app launching, subscription etc..
Our plan is to send data from the clients to our server (not elastic) once a day, to minimize traffic, and we don't need realtime, the 24h delay is not a problem.
The question is : once our server collected the app data, what is the best way to feed it to elastic ?
Should we create bulk json and use curl ?
Or dump text file logs with a custom format and rely on logstash to send it to Elasticsearch ?

I don't know which way is the better.
Thank you in advance for your help,

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The best way to do it is to write to a file and then use something like Filebeat to send it to Elasticsearch.

The issues with writing directly to Elasticsearch is that you then don't have a local copy in case of a major issue in your stack that causes logging to break; if your app gets a big load of traffic it might cause Elasticsearch to backlog, delaying log delivery and potentially deadlocking your app; and things along that line.

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