Best way to Input or Output in Logstash

I am involved in a project that has the following characteristics:

1 - In the current scenario we have several third-party systems, which record differently in Oracle database that we have ownership, that is, we have domain only of the databases and not the application.

What would be the most appropriate way to take this data from different sources to the Elasticserach, we must collect directly with the JDBC plug-in (by pooling in the bank), use the message as RabbitMq or the bank to send the information over HTTP.

Whenever a third-party system updates These databases, we want it updated in Elasticsearch as well, because we will use this unified base to be accessed by the Customer portal and future applications that will be developed Internally.

2 - Now another question, thinking more of the output of the pipeline, we will send the information to Elasticserach, but we also need to integrate this information collected and treated with other third-party systems, such as JD Edwards from Oracle.

We must send this information directly from the Logstash output to this quoted system. (Do you have SOAP/WSDL architecture)?

Thanks for the help!

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