Best Way To Match Hundreds of Value Possibilities in Logstash

Good day,

I am trying to find the most efficient way in Logstash filters to say "if field X is one of these dozens/hundreds/thousands of values do something".

For instance, I have multiple log sources (Windows logs, firewall logs, etc.) where I have a field and want to match something.

Here are some specific examples:

  • I want to do a mutate if a Windows Event ID is equal to one of dozens of values (4624, 4625, etc.)
  • I want to perform a mutate on an IP address from a firewall log if the IP address matches one of several thousand IPs
  • I am trying to mutate an entry when a fields string value matches one of several dozen strings

In the past if it was only a few values I would do a filter similar to this:
if [winlog][event_id] == 4624 or [winlog][event_id] == 4625 or [winlog][event_id] == 4720 or [winlog][event_id] == 5136 or [winlog][event_id] == 4744 {
mutate { add_tag => ['tag_name_here'] }

However, that solution doesn't scale very well and I am sure there is a better way but google fu isn't leading me to a good answer. Sorry if I missed it.

Any suggestions?


You could use a translate filter to tag the events.

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