Bi-JSON indexes

We've created 1k of indexes for use by our customers. It all worked well, until one of our customer was in need of chasnging one of SSD of theirs, Now not only it clones /dev/pd0 but it also spam log files with crappy, meaningless messages

Throughout logs there is endless stream of biJSON errors.

It's not clear what this all means, how is this related to Elasticsearch? What is the actual error?

How its related? Whats this?

Our scenario::: one, huge, centralized DB server (300EB of data) and we reached out for ES to help us (and our customers) in picking what we (they) need.

WebFront is written in pure PHP with response being in JSON. Now - one enters search string, clicks Search, waits some time and......

ElasticSearch returned error:: No indexes for ppa.oursite

Now, 2 things::

  1. ES blocks sth here? what and where?
  2. Morons from our websphere blocks us as we are serious and they are cocksucking morons.

We're happy to help, but if you're going to use language like that then we will need to close this thread.

Please read

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