Big index design

Hi, I'm working od designing and implementing search for my project, I'm not so experienced with Elastic and I'm afraid that I'll made wrong design decisions. Could you please share your thoughts about it?

I have following problem:
In my application which serves many data about many restaurants. So there is a lot of files for one restaurant And then I have users (managers) who has access to their own restaurant data. I wan to allow managers to quickly search through documents.
When it comes to the numbers:
I have 12k restaurants
Every restaurant can have maximum of 100k documents

I want to store in Elastic following data:


So, if manager is going to search through files, I will run painless script which will check if managers has access to this restaurant and if restaurant is in his 'favorite' list. Based on that I wan to calculate the output: I will filter out restaurants that manager doesn't have access, and boost the favourite ones.
I'm afraid of painless script performance in that case. What do you think? Is there any better way for such index?


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