Big-ish line missing n Elasticsearch 7.9.0

We are using a standalone Elasticsearch on EC2 and the stack looks like Application (JSON) --> Fluent Bit --> Elasticsearch (7.9.0) on EC2 --> Kibana on EC2

We have a scenario wherein if the application generated JSON log line is really big-ish like 1000+ lines (braces, fields) , then this particular line alone is missing in Kibana.

To narrow down the issue,

• Have enabled Fluent Bit OUTPUT to write to a file and this big-ish line is present. So, have eliminated Fluentbit
• Ran a GET API call from Kibana Dev Tools, the big-ish line is missing. So, have eliminated Kibana as it is just a log viewer

Need some help to fix this issue



Do you use an ingest pipeline or do you only store the data?

Can you show us the Index Mapping for this particular field? At first glance I think it could be stored as keyword with ignore_above set: ignore_above | Elasticsearch Guide [7.15] | Elastic

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