Binary logs parsing Logstash sent via filebeat?

Hello !

I am trying to parse few logs which are in binary format hence can somebody guide how do we proceed with that?

I am attaching the message field for reference:

"message" => "\u0000\u0000\u0000\u000384p�<�\u0000���<�\u0000QO\u0001�\u0002lO\u0001�\u0003�\u0000\u0000\u0000A\u0000��G\u0000��B\u0011\u0000\b�J\a\u0001@��#B�\u001F\u0017��#\u000F=\u0000�",

I am using filebeat as input and in Kibana i see the same message in binary format. Guys let me know fi you need any other information. Thanks in advance.

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Can you provide more information:

  • Logstash version
  • Have you tried charset other then default UTF-8
  • What is input? TCP, beats?

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