Blockchain and time series data

Hi everyone,

We are considering using ES to index blockchain data, but before we make a move I would like to find out if with time series data it is possible to have let's say an hourly bucket and get the average of all time between events (blocks produces) for each bucket.
So I would probably like to use something like date_histogram where I show average time between blocks to know how much time in average it took to produce new block.
Thanks in advance!

@hejmaniok Welcome to the community.

Yes Elasticsearch is great at histograms and aggregations.

Probably need to look a little closer at your data / use case for more specific case.

You would also be able to determine min, max , average etc..

You would also probably be able to even create a histogram of durations to show average , 95th 99th percentiles etc. of durations.

So yes I would provision a cloud trial and load some data a do some testing.

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