Bookmarking Kibana dashboard

(Using Kibana 6.7) We have customers who bookmark Kibana dashboards. The bookmark refers to a URL that obviously has volatile portions, (e.g. ___h@44136fa&_a=h@32698d5). When those users open the bookmark to reload a dashboard, they are confronted with dialog errors that warn "Unable to completely restore the URL, be sure to use the share functionality".
These are not super-savvy users who would know how to manipulate bookmarks in such a way as to save a shortened /goto/ link.

  1. Any suggestions for how to improve this customer user experience for direct use of Kibana?
  2. Will Kibana URL's ever be less volatile, at least preserving dashboard state across sessions?
  3. What about a bookmark button, that would wrap up and obfuscate the function of putting a non-volatile Kibana URL into a bookmark?

Hello Chris,

Good suggestions and questions. Can you please create an issue for 3 here?

cc @Stacey_Gammon @timroes can I get some help here?


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