Bool Query - Find all values of "should"

Hello everyone!

I need to create a query which search for a list of values and returns those values only if all values were found.

Otherwise, it should return empty.

For example:

I'm trying to find out if a combination of events happened at that window of time.

Combination I'm looking for [open, close]

List of events [on, on, on, on, open, off, off, close]

How do I now if [open, close] event happened?

  1. if I use simply should [open, close], it will apply 'or', right?

  2. if I use must it will apply 'and', just like I want. But ES will looking for a document that has the value [open, close] in the same field at same doc.

  3. if I use should with "minimum_should_match": "100%" , it will behavior like must.

Does someone have any idea about how solve this problem?

Thanks for your support

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