Boolean filter query being ignored (maybe)

Hi. I'm trying to filter my search results on a boolean property. I set up a term filter where the value of the "build" property should be true (the literal value). I'm getting a result in my results where the value is not true. Is is an empty string. Here's a Gist that shows my index mapping, the query I'm issuing, and the results that I'm getting back. The result that starts on line 128 is the one that I'm not expecting to be there:

On a side note, I also don't know why that value is an empty string. The values that we are feeding into our bulk indexing operation always uses literal true and false values. I'm not sure if this is significant to the issue above though.

I figured it out. We were actually ending up with 0 or 1 as true and false. Fixing the data we send in should resolve the problem.

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