Boolean filters not working as expected

I am getting this message on the top of kibana when I filter on a boolean value
"Discover: Boolean scripted fields must return true or false"

I have deleted all the data and only have two documents in the index.
I have logstash add a value of true or false to a field called "[proxied][connection]"

My mapping is correct also
"proxied": {
"properties": {
"as_org": {
"type": "text",
"fields": {
"keyword": {
"type": "keyword",
"ignore_above": 256
"asn": {
"type": "long"
"connection": {
"type": "boolean"

I even added a convert in logstash to see if it would fix it and it still gives me the error in kibana when i try and use that filter
mutate {
add_field => {
"[proxied][connection]" => "true"
convert => { "[proxied][connection]" => "boolean" }

I am pounding my head trying to figure this out, anyhelp would be appreciated.

Are you trying to create a filter on "connection"? Or on your scripted field? What does your scripted field definition look like?

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