Boolean Query causing server to crash without error message

Hi, I am using version 7.3. A boolean query I'm running (see code below) in a python script is causing the server script to crash without producing any form of error message. The query is within a for-loop, and the crash happens at the same point (with the same query data) each time. Any thoughts?

query = {
					"should": [
							{"match": {"title": rawQuery}},
							{"match": {"body": rawQuery}}
					"minimum_should_match": 1,
					"must": {
						"bool": {
							"minimum_should_match": 1,
							"should" : docIDs

			ESres =
					index = self.esDocIndex, 
					request_timeout = 30,
					body = {
						'size': 10000,
						'query': query,

rawQuery is a string of search terms
docIDs is a list (of 1000 items or less) dictionaries of the following form:

{'term': {'id': docID}}

where docID is itself a string

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